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MHA-A needs your support to build mentally healthier communities!

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Dedicated to Building Mentally Healthier Communities!

The need for mental health resources, education, training, and advocacy has only grown as we face not only a pandemic, but also a mental health crisis. MHA-A needs your support now so we can provide support to those in need.

In the last six months, MHA-A has responded to the call of our community by providing access to 585 individual mental health screenings. That is a 235% increase from the previous year. With every screening, individuals are provided the resources and connections to take the first step in building healthier lives. However, we need to do more because our community is hurting and crying out for help. Anxiety and depression have increased by over 93% in 2020 and 63% of those who were screened were under the age of 24. I received a phone call from a grandfather of a middle school boy who was experiencing depression and desperately needed the resources to assist his grandson. MHA-A was there to answer the call and provide him with the resources and information he needed. MHA-A is prepared to respond to the need in our community with the help of investors like you. Our small non-profit organization is ready to answer a mighty call to action from our community and we want you to be a part of it. MHA-A needs YOUR SUPPORT so we can stay dedicated to building mentally healthier communities.